OES Genuine Stud Spacing Sleeve & Accessories

A simple OES Genuine Stud Spacing Sleeve can give you the results you desire for your vehicle. A lot of drivers don't pay particular attention to little pieces of hardware like stud spacing sleeves but they do contribute a lot to the final results of any auto repair or modification. Many motorists out there think they're saving a lot of money by using secondhand components taken out of wrecked cars in a junkyard but they're actually investing in a lot of trouble and danger. Such components, while they may look all right on the outside, are already past their prime condition and would only deteriorate fast once they're subjected to the extreme pressures on the road. Stud spacing sleeves are no different, so you must invest in high-quality replacement sleeves instead of run-of-the-mill ones.

Stud spacing sleeves can be used in different ways in an automobile. For instance, they can go with wheel studs that require exact spacing. It's very important to review your vehicle's manual before installing stud spacing sleeves because there may be specific requirements regarding the placement or even torque of these sleeves and their related components. Improper installation could lead to a host of performance problems; for instance, accelerated deterioration of other parts and loss of balance (in the case of wheel studs). Therefore, you must see to it that you're using stud spacing sleeves for their intended role and setting them up the right way. If you have any doubts regarding the installation of these sleeves, you should consult a mechanic or have him fit the stud spacing sleeves for you.

The OES Genuine Stud Spacing Sleeve is way different from average stud spacing sleeves for it's made of high-strength materials that don't easily corrode even if subjected to the harshest conditions on the road. Expect the fit to be perfect since accurate, computer-aided technologies are used in the manufacturing process of this high-quality piece of hardware. To ensure customer satisfaction and safety, this top-notch spacing sleeve also undergoes strict quality testing by the manufacturer. You shouldn't have any problem setting up this sleeve as long as you have sufficient DIY background. Once correctly installed, the part will last years without giving you any kind of problem. It's still best to check the sleeve's condition once in a while though just to be sure everything is going perfectly well.

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