OES Genuine Stub Axle Bolt & Accessories

Safety should always be your greatest priority, so use an OES Genuine Stub Axle Bolt to get your stub axle assembly back in shape. If your vehicle's handling is gradually deteriorating each day, then you should take a closer look at its stub axle mechanism. The bolt that holds this assembly together is known to corrode over time. It could even suddenly snap while you're driving, resulting in terrible handling and other performance problems that could put your very life in peril on the road. If your existing bolt is showing any sign of wear and damage, you should replace it immediately with a high-quality aftermarket part. You wouldn't want to lose your entire vehicle just because of a single bad bolt.

The stub axle is typically a component of a vehicle's suspension system. It allows independent rear suspensions to work, so wheels can move independently of each other. In some types of stub axle assemblies, special bolts are used to hold the pieces together. Any vibration or strange sounds coming from the assembly should be inspected immediately for these may indicate a bolt that's about to give way. Before getting an OES Genuine Stub Axle Bolt for your vehicle, review your vehicle's manual regarding the specs of the recommended replacement component. You must also read on the recommended torque for this specific bolt since applying the incorrect torque could accelerate the deterioration of your new bolt. Once the bolt is securely attached to the assembly, the abnormal vibrations and noises that affect your driving should stop.

Of course, you can go to the junkyard and find yourself a secondhand stub axle bolt to use as replacement but you'd only be putting your car and yourself in danger. The OES Genuine Stub Axle Bolt is an excellent investment because it's cut from high-strength materials, ensuring unmatched durability. This component is so strong you should be able to use it for years without any problem provided you install it properly with the correct torque. Computerized technologies are used throughout the manufacturing process of this top-notch bolt, so its specs are the same as its OE counterpart, allowing convenient installation.

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