OES Genuine Strut Bellows & Accessories

Providing your ride with OES Genuine strut bellows is a great way to protect the shock absorber and extend its service life. Not everyone knows this but there really is a component called strut bellow in your ride's suspension system. It looks like a rubber skin with lots of flexible folds. Its main task is to act as strut cushion and protect the piston of your shock absorber against road debris, dust, mud, and other elements that may jeopardize the shocks. The strut bellows seal the area where contaminants usually seep through to find their way to the piston.

Since they are made from the finest materials available and are crafted using the latest manufacturing techniques, you can be certain that the OES Genuine strut bellows will serve your ride well even for a long period. It is very important that you maintain the tiptop shape and condition of the strut bellows because dirt and other outside elements could render the piston useless. When this happens, it is more likely that your shocks will lose its ability to provide you with favorable handling and control over your ride. You won't feel its effect if you're driving on smooth and even pavements. But the problem is, no roads are perfect so as soon as you pull your car off the garage, you'll need a properly functioning suspension system which includes the shocks as its main components.

It's a good thing that OES Genuine strut bellows are made to the exact specifications of your stock so you won't have any problem installing it in your ride. Yes, they are direct-fit replacements so even an average DIYer can put them in place of the stock without hassles and without a need for modifications. You can also do away with mismatch or incompatibility problems, which is a big no in your suspension system. Since it's an OES Genuine product, you can rest assured that it will work perfectly with the rest of your suspension system components, whether they are factory-installed, upgraded, or aftermarket. Thanks to OES Genuine strut bellows, you can now restore or even improve the performance of your shocks and that could translate to improved handling, better ride control, and enhanced steering capabilities. Another benefit of such component is it is way easy to obtain especially now that there are reliable online stores that offer even those hard-to-find auto components.

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