OES Genuine Strut Bearing & Accessories

Your car definitely needs a replacement OES Genuine strut bearing if its suspension system is showing signs of a worn out strut bearing. The bearing may just be a small, metal component but it has several important roles in keeping your car's suspension properly working. Without its proper bearings, your car won't be able to provide you with a smooth and comfortable ride, and each road bump will be as unbearable as the next one. For your car's suspension to perform its job well, make sure you equip it only with quality strut bearings.

A suspension strut is composed of different parts, which include the strut bearing. Together with the coil springs, shock absorbers, steering knuckle, and spring seats, the strut fulfills a variety of vital tasks. These include minimizing friction between two moving suspension parts, helps improve performance of the entire suspension system, and ensures a smooth ride. This part is made of a durable material but eventually, friction, heat, and exposure to extreme pressure can contribute to its slow deterioration. You'll know a strut bearing is worn out if you experience any of these signs: a clunking sound coming from the steering system, your car nose dives whenever you hit the brakes, and too much bounce. If these signs are observed, replace the busted part with an OES Genuine strut bearing as soon as you can. Keep in mind that driving with a faulty suspension system can increase your stopping distance, putting you at a higher risk of getting into an accident.

To make sure you and your passengers are safe when on the road, put your trust in an OES Genuine strut bearing. This replacement component is sure to exceed your expectations when it comes to OE products. Built for maximum performance, this strut bearing is composed of high-grade materials that won't easily corrode or crack. It has also undergone rigorous product testing to ensure quality performance you can rely on. Backed by OES Genuine's years of experience in the automotive industry, you're guaranteed to get a good deal if you choose this brand.

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