OES Genuine Steering Rack Bushing & Accessories

The OES Genuine steering rack bushing is the perfect solution you can get for your old, worn original component. This after-sales product will directly replace the failing cushion of your rack in a remove-and-replace installation procedure. Once mounted, you will once enjoy the seamless performance of your steering system. If you choose to endure the irregularity that you noticed on its bushings, this will eventually result to more serious damages on your rack. The bushing will be continually crushed and over time, your rack will already be moving against another metal part. At this time, you will be experiencing difficulties in steering to the point that there will be no response at all. This negligence to replace the bushing with the OES Genuine steering rack bushing immediately will eventually cost you a new rack, which is significantly expensive than a small rubber or polyurethane bushing.

Installing a new bushing in your steering rack is a tricky task but you can still DIY using the installation guide provided by the manufacturer. The task will require removal some of your steering parts to free some space for you to work on, so you will need some special removal tools like adjustable large pliers and torque wrenches. You'd also expect that this part of your steering system will be a little difficult to remove and thus a degreaser or liquid penetrant is necessary. Now that everything is ready, make sure that you have acquired the perfect OES Genuine steering rack bushing for your steering rack design. Doing this will prevent future compatibility issues.

Removing the old bushing from your steering rack will require you to elevate your vehicle, lock, the steering column, and disconnect the skid plate. You'd also do better without the anti-sway bar, so disconnect it with the exact sizes of torque wrenches. Spray penetrant to the hardened nuts and bolts that secure the rack in place. Free the rack from its mount once the mounting hardware has loosened. If the bushings are damaged, hardened, or crushed and is difficult to pry out, soak it with liquid penetrant. Take it off and after cleaning the area, slit the OES Genuine steering rack bushing in its place. Retrace the steps and test drive for correctness of the installation.

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