OES Genuine Steering Rack Boot & Accessories

Proper steering should be a given in any type of vehicle, that's why it's important for your OES Genuine steering rack boot to consistently perform at top level. Why? Well, one of the most important features of your car is the steering system. How else will you be able to turn left or right or evade those pesky road obstacles without a working steering system? If you own a vehicle that has a rack-and-pinion type of steering system, the steering rack boot should be checked from time to time by a reliable mechanic. But before you go anywhere, you might want to know first about the types of steering systems.

You see, there are actually two types of steering systems: the recirculating-ball steering and the rack-and-pinion steering. The latter is often used by trucks and SUVs; the former, mostly for sedans and other types of cars. The recirculating-ball type has a worm gear inside a box or a block with a threaded hole. As you turn your car or flick the steering wheel, the shaft in which the steering wheel is connected, rotates the worm gear inside the box. This transfers the motion to other parts of the recirculating-ball steering system (sector gear, Pitman arm, track rod, tie-rod, and the steering arms) to turn the wheels. So if you have this type of system in your vehicle, you probably don't need to purchase an OES Genuine steering rack boot.

But, obviously, if your car has a rack-and-pinion system, you need to have the best type of steering rack boot there is today. Why? Because without the steering rack boot, steering will become difficult. See, the rack-and-pinion steering system works by converting the rotation force from the steering wheel towards the pinion and the rack, then to the tie-rods to move the wheels from left to right. And the steering rack boot is part of the connection to your steering rod. So when this part gets damaged, expect a huge dip in your steering performance. So now, after your mechanic has checked your steering rack boot and tells you that it needs to be replaced with a new OES Genuine steering rack boot, just look for Parts Train online.

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