OES Genuine Steering Column Bearing & Accessories

Regular maintenance to keep a car's looks and performance should always be every vehicle owner's priority. But even with round the clock care and parts inspection, you're sure to encounter a problem or two down the road due to the usual wear and tear on your car's components. One of the things that you should look out for would be steering problems because they can occur without any warning signs which could lead to precarious driving situations and even accidents. A common issue will be a worn out steering column bearing which may create unnecessary noise and rattling while driving or steering. If that's the case, then it should be replaced with an OES Genuine Steering Column Bearing immediately.

Basically, the steering column connects your steering wheel to your steering system allowing you to control the direction of your wheels. This mechanism does not only control your vehicle's steering but it also houses a variety of devices like the switches and wiring for your windshield wipers, turn signals, ignition, and more. Since this part is connected to two components at different ends, the steering wheel and the steering assembly, it uses steering column bearings that will cushion the contact between these parts to avoid excessive frictional wear and tear. These bearings also allow for smoother and quiet steering. Once you start to experience a change in your steering or begin to hear strange grinding noises, you'll have to inspect these items. Should you find a broken bearing, replace that ASAP with an OES Genuine Steering Column Bearing.

When you've narrowed down a problem to a broken or worn out steering column bearing, you can access this part by removing a couple of components first. Generally, you'll need to remove your steering wheel, the devices inside the steering column, a couple of springs and locks, and eventually, you'll reach the steering column bearing. Bear in mind that this may seem complicated at first, but with the right tools and a detailed guide from the internet or your car's manual, you can perform this DIY project in no time at all. It's very practical to do this on your own since you'll skip on a mechanic's fees and save a lot of money. To get even more value for your hard earned cash, be sure to get your replacement OES Genuine Steering Column Bearing for a great price only at Parts Train.

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