OES Genuine Steering Angle Sensor & Accessories

The amount of electronic items in a modern vehicle is increasing with the number of safety items being added to cars. Most of these are being controlled by an electronic control unit or ECU that monitors specific vehicle functions using special sensors which allow them to make automatic corrections on the fly. If you want these items to function correctly all the time, it's vital that not only are these devices working, but that their sensors are giving the correct information as well. One of the important sensors in your car will be the steering angle sensor which assists you in controlling your vehicle's steering. To maintain stable and complete driving control, make sure this device is in tip top shape or replace it with an aftermarket item using the OES Genuine Steering Angle Sensor.

Your vehicle's steering angle will turn to a certain degree depending on the direction that you're heading. To help avoid the loss of control, your sensors and after market items like the OES Genuine Steering Angle Sensor monitor the steering angle and keep it to a specific direction. In effect, it helps the driver by determining his or her intended steering direction and assists them in maintaining it. This part also works in conjunction with your ABS control module by informing it where you are aiming your wheels at in order to help it correct your vehicle's speed and direction in case of sudden braking or swerving. These devices will help you drive safely in various situations so it's important to have them checked every now and then to ensure optimum performance.

It can be a bit challenging to remove and replace your car's steering angle sensor, but with a bit of patience, you'll be able to do it on your own and save a lot of money as opposed to going to an auto mechanic or car repair shop. You may start by consulting your car's manual if it has detailed instructions on how to locate this device. If not, then you can always search the internet for a helpful video clip, website, or a forum community of DIY auto hobbyists online. Once you're able to successfully install your OES Genuine Steering Angle Sensor, remember that you still have to code or calibrate it properly which your local dealer should be able to do for you for a small fee.

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