OES Genuine Spark Plug Seal & Accessories

What your ignition system needs to restore or improve its performance is something as efficient as the OES Genuine spark plug seal. The ignition system plays a great role in starting up your vehicle and even a small complication in one of its components, such as the spark plug seal, can affect the overall performance of the said system. You see, if the seal isn't doing its task of sealing the gaps in your spark plug and the combustion chamber, these components won't be kept airtight, thus affecting the plugs' capacity to transmit electricity, which creates the spark needed to ignite gas vapors and start the process of combustion.

If you're using a high power ignition system in your ride, the more you should employ an OES Genuine spark plug seal that ensures compatibility with other high performance ignition components. Automotive seals from OES Genuine are original equipment supplied so there is one that will fit the type of ignition your ride has. Usually made up of heavy duty metal washer, the spark plug seal is partly sandwiched between the spark plug and the cylinder head's flat surface at precise torque setting. While the said washer is reusable, it is recommended that you remove and replace it with an OES Genuine spark plug seal when servicing the spark plugs. Since it's from OES Genuine, you are assured of a product that fits your ignition system perfectly, so you won't have any problem about product fit and compatibility. It will also be easy for you to install it in your ride without a need for modifications.

How will you know if your car needs a new spark plug and spark plug seal? When the vehicle is running, observe if your engine is hesitating or missing. If the engine has a miss, that means it isn't firing well on all the cylinders so the power produced won't be enough for your engine's needs. Rough or uneven idle and poor gas mileage are also signs that you now need a new spark plug and an OES Genuine spark plug seal. Fortunately, you now have a way to find your needed OES Genuine product without driving from one store to another. With the number of online stores these days, you no longer need to spend much of your time, money, and effort just to get the answer to all your auto parts needs.

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