OES Genuine Shock Mount Plate & Accessories

If your car is being supported by the suspension system, what supports the suspension system is the OES Genuine shock mount plate. Without this part, your shocks won't be able to properly dissipate the forces coming from the road and from your car after hitting a road obstacle. The shock mount plate's job is support the suspension system by realigning and adjusting the shock absorbers angle depending on the riding condition. But without this part of your suspension system, the shocks will have to stay at a fixed position where it might break and leak its hydraulic fluid once your car encounters a strong force on the road. And you probably don't want this to happen especially while you're zooming fast on the highway.

You might think that it's only the shocks that take a beating on the road; but no. Your car has other suspension parts as well that are mounted together, absorbing the vibrations coming from the road so that you'll have total control of your vehicle. And one of the important parts of the suspension system is the OES Genuine shock mount plate. The shock mount plate is made from tough aluminum and metal designed to resist wear and tear. It has holes which you can position your shock and sometimes strut assembly so that you can get the proper alignment in which these suspension parts can perform their best. But just like any auto part, this part has to get checked unless you want your car to have some serious issues in its overall handling and performance.

In order to take care of your car's suspension parts, it is recommended to visit your mechanic at least 4 times a year. Tell your auto-technician to specifically pay close attention to your car's shocks especially when you think you are having some difficulties controlling your car after it hits a road bump. And when he tells you that you need to revamp your ride with a high-quality shock mount plate, get a replacement OES Genuine shock mount plate from Parts Train. Why from Parts Train? Well, Parts Train has been serving the automotive industry with high-class car parts and accessories for decades now. And we wouldn't last that long if the products we offer our customers are substandard. Plus, the deals that we offer are unmatched.

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