OES Genuine Shifter Lever Ball Socket & Accessories

Does your car's shifter feel a little bit loose lately making it difficult to properly change gears? Sounds like there's a problem in your vehicle's transmission system; and that's bad since you'll need to switch gears often in order to drive safely. Now there are a lot of things that can cause shifting problems and unfortunately, the transmission system is quite complicated for the average person to tinker with, let alone take apart. But with a little bit of research online, you can trace common shifting problems down to a specific component. One of the common parts that may cause a wobbly shifter will be a loose or broken ball socket in your shifter lever. Once you've narrowed it down to this part, all you'll need to do is purchase an aftermarket replacement; and a good brand to get will be the OES Genuine Shifter Lever Ball Socket.

You may have numerous reasons to replace the shift lever ball socket like when upgrading to a short shift kit, or even when replacing the entire shift lever assembly. Regardless, if you are to fit in a properly installed, brand new OES Genuine Shifter Lever Ball Socket, it will restore your shifter's precision movement. Although, it is important to remember that should you need to replace any component in your car's shifter, make sure that these are compatible or are specifically made for your vehicle's make and model. Also, since you'll be accessing a couple of parts just to reach this ball socket, you might as well inspect other components like the shift lever, shift rod, boot, etc., for any signs of wear and tear and have them replaced if ever they appear damaged or worn out.

Taking out your entire shift kit is easy and all you'll need are a couple tools. A diagram of your car's shift assembly can also be helpful and you can try searching for one through the internet. While you're at it, you may even look for a helpful instructional video or website that can guide you step by step in accessing this component and fitting in your OES Genuine Shifter Lever Ball Socket. For the most part, taking out the shift lever is pretty much straightforward and you won't need a mechanic to do this for you. If you still continue to have problems with your transmission and can't seem to locate the problem, even with the help of automotive websites, then a trip to a car repair shop is indeed necessary.

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