OES Genuine Shift Shaft Circlip & Accessories

Your car relies on its transmission system to transfer all the power created by your internal combustion engine to move your car. The hard thing with your transmission system is that even with proper and frequent maintenance; its components will undergo wear and tear and will eventually break down. For most people, this mechanism has too many parts to handle like gears, circlips, shafts, etc., and accessing them will be tough unless you're properly trained like a mechanic. The best thing that most folks can do is purchase replacement parts and have their mechanic install it for them instead. Should you need to replace a particular part like a shifter shaft circlip, it's best for you to get an aftermarket one like the OES Genuine Shift Shaft Circlip.

The thing about parts like the shift shaft is that they need to stay in place, and that's where the circlip comes into play. The word circlip is actually a combination of the words “circle” and “clip” which explains its shape and function. Also known as a C-clip and snap ring, these parts are usually made of metal and are shaped into circular rings with an open end that can be positioned or snapped into place. These items are used as fasteners for components that need to rotate in place, just like the shift shaft. As these are made from metal, they do wear out because of corrosion or may snap and bend out of place due to unnecessary force. To ensure that transmission components like these are always in working order, always replace them with high quality aftermarket parts like an OES Genuine Shift Shaft Circlip.

When you lose a shift shaft circlip, you might experience shifting and transmission issues so don't let it get worse and have that replaced ASAP with an OES Genuine Shift Shaft Circlip. If you have the necessary knowledge to access this part on your own, then do so since you will only need a screwdriver and needle-nose pliers to take these off. There are special circlip snap tools that can remove these items safely, but with a steady hand, your pliers and screwdriver would do. But for the average car owner, working on transmission components might be too tough. However, don't let that stop you from learning how since the money you save by doing it yourself can go a long way.

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