OES Genuine Shift Linkage Boot & Accessories

Upgrading a part in your car can be due to a variety of reasons. A component might already be worn out and giving you problems or you simply want a new look for your vehicle. Whatever your reason may be, when you need to replace these items with aftermarket parts, they should always be tough and reliable, as well as affordable at the same time. One item that you can replace easily will be your car's shift boot. Since a factory stock item like this one will eventually corrode and break, you will have to replace it sometime soon. Just remember to get a durable one that'll fit your car just like the OES Genuine Shift Linkage Boot.

There are a couple of items inside your car that you can upgrade right off the bat after you purchase a brand new ride and one of these would be the shift linkage boot. When properly fitted in, this part should keep out moisture and debris from entering your vehicle's shift linkage components. This prevents your parts from corroding and thwarts other causes of unnecessary wear and tear. Installing a perfectly working shift boot would actually extend the service life of your shifting mechanism even further. That's why whenever you notice any damage on your stock shift boot like tearing and chaffing, you should get that replaced ASAP with an OES Genuine Shift Linkage Boot.

You don't need a mechanic to replace your stock shift boot, all you'll need are a couple of basic tools and you should be able to do it right at your own home or garage. For most vehicles, you just need to remove or unscrew the trim covering the shift boot and then pry it off carefully in order to remove it. Then it's just a matter of fitting in your new item and putting back the trim cover. Should you need help with a specific model, just do a quick search on the internet and you'll get a helpful video clip or site. Remember, it's cheaper to do it on your own rather than paying for a car repair shop to do it for you; especially for a simple item like a shift boot. You just need to make sure that the replacement part that you're getting is specifically made for your car's make and model. Aftermarket accessories like the OES Genuine Shift Linkage Boot are made according to the highest OEM standards to ensure a perfect fit.

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