OES Genuine Shift Lever Bushing & Accessories

Shifting is one important aspect of your drive, and its efficiency is affected by even the smallest shifter components like the bushing-be sure, then, that you have nothing less than the OES Genuine shift lever bushing to support your vehicle shifter. The smoothness and overall characteristic of your ride are determined in part by your shifting performance, by the efficiency in which you shift from one gear to another. This is the reason many car owners upgrade their shifter. Some enthusiasts get short shifters for faster shifting. Others go for an appeal upgrade and get stylish shifters. Aside from these upgrades, however, it is important that you pay attention to the basic components that support the shifter. One of these is the bushing.

A shift lever bushing is a supporting shifter device, a hardware designed to keep shifter performance smooth and efficient. It is this bushing that keeps the shifter stable, ensuring that it will have a solid response every time you shift. The addition of an OES Genuine shift lever bushing is beneficial in many ways. It will give you an improved shifting feel, so you'll be able to shift faster during critical times. If your shifter's stock bushing is already damaged and you notice your shifter to be wiggling, replacing your bushing with a new one from OES Genuine will surely restore your shifter's performance. The OES Genuine shift lever bushing will reduce the sloppiness in your shifting, so you can go from one gear to another with ease.

And to enjoy this ease and efficiency for a long time, all you have to do is to keep the shifter and its bushing in good condition. First of all, always practice proper shifting. You might be tempted to ‘throw' the shifter with such great force to achieve a performance feel, but be sure your shifter is capable of handling the extreme force before you do it. Otherwise, you may damage the said part. And second, pay attention to symptoms of wear and tear. Instability in the shifter should always be addressed. If you notice any abnormality in the shifter's performance, check it and all its parts. The bushing may have worn and a new OES Genuine shift lever bushing may already be needed.

If you find that such is the case, do not hesitate to get the right bushing from OES Genuine. Finding the right one is easy with help from Parts Train. We offer a wide range of shifter parts from OES Genuine, and the OES Genuine shift lever bushing is just one of these. We also have performance parts for your engine, accessories for the interior and exterior of your auto, and replacement parts to original components. These parts you will find without hassle in our easy-to-navigate catalog, all top in quality and offered at reasonable prices. Not convinced? Check out the Low Price Guarantee that comes with all our offered parts and you'll surely realize that we offer great value. So, wait no more and shop today!