OES Genuine Shift Indicator & Accessories

One of the nifty accessories that you can add onto your dashboard is an OES Genuine Shift Indicator. Not only is it made to show you the optimal time to change gears, it also adds to the cool factor of your vehicle's dash. When you install a shift indicator on your ride, you'll be able to enjoy the kind of high-tech flair that's sure to leave your passengers in awe.

The OES Genuine Shift Indicator has a number of LED lights that show you the best time to switch gears, based off rpm data that you set and driven by pulses from different sources such as the ECU, the tachometer, or even your crank pick-up. This accessory is definitely best used on the race track or for drag racing, but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy its services for casual applications. The shift indicator is excellent for customizing your dash and adding a bit of personality to your vehicle's interior. Installation of this shift indicator should be a breeze thanks to the OE-style fit, though you can also fit it into any location that you want with only a little modification thanks to the indicator's compact design. Whether you want the indicator on top of the dash or right below your dash cover, you'll be able to put it in place easily. This way, you can reap the benefits of the gear shift indicator without much trouble.

If you're concerned about the durability of an OES Genuine Shift Indicator, don't be-it's backed by the manufacturer's 12,000-mile or 12-month warranty, so you get excellent protection against defects and even premature failure. In addition to that, you know you're getting a long-lasting accessory because OES Genuine's manufacturing facilities are world-class. Each item definitely complies with high standards for quality and reliability, so you never have to worry about the functionality and longevity of your new part. With the company's extensive experience when it comes to manufacturing OE-style components, you can definitely put your faith in each item that rolls off its facilities.

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