OES Genuine Seat Switch & Accessories

With a specially designed seat switch, raising and lowering your seat and making it move back and forth are fairly easy-unfortunately, this electrical component may suddenly lose its magic, requiring you to toss out the faulty part and install an OES Genuine seat switch. Replacing the switch entails a lot of steps, but with a reliable replacement, you've pretty much won half the battle. The switch may fail when snow, salt, or water creeps inside and ruins it. Usually, an electronic cleaning spray may do the trick in fixing the intermittent switch. But once it finally gives in to wear, there's no use putting up with a nasty switch. It may not seem like a big deal to you at first, but it's only a matter of time till you miss the comfort of having a leveled seat, especially when going on long-hour drives.

Sometimes, it doesn't take much for the switch to break-kicking the knob or stepping on it with too much force is enough for it to cease working. If you toggle the switch and the motor starts to whine yet nothing happens, chances are, you're dealing with a mechanical problem. You will have to pull out the seat to check the motor beneath. Check all the connections to confirm if the switch needs a replacement. Armed with the right tools and handy DIY tips for specific applications, replacing the switch is something even an average Joe can do. Just make sure that the replacement is an exact fit so that configuration won't be any trouble. Ideally, the replacement should be highly resistant to salt, dust, water spray, vibration, and chemicals. For this, you can always turn to an OES Genuine seat switch that ensures great fit and functionality.

When it comes to application-specific aftermarket parts, OES Genuine is among the leading names. Years of experience in manufacturing a wide range of automotive products gives it the edge over other brands. Compatibility, dependable performance, and durability are three good reasons to buy OES Genuine products. Its wide-ranging parts are manufactured to exact OE specifications and built using heavy-duty materials that won't easily back down on harsh conditions. When you use an OES Genuine seat switch, you're not just getting a direct replacement but a reliable automotive component that you can use for years to come.

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