OES Genuine Seat Flex Cable & Accessories

Having power seats is great and all, but when one of its seat flex cables is damaged, you'll need to fix it as soon as possible-and that's where the OES Genuine Seat Flex Cable can help you out. This is a replacement component that's made to fill in for the stock cable in case it's popped out of the drive socket or is simply damaged or broken. Once your new cable is in place, you'll be able to adjust your power seat without any problems.

Technology is really a convenient thing most of the time. Power seats, in particular, are nice luxuries to have in a vehicle because, with them, you can adjust the height or the tilt of the driver's seat or even the front passenger seat using a joystick or a bunch of switches. That allows for maximum comfort with each drive. With a busted seat flex cable, however, you might find your power seat difficult to adjust-if you can adjust it at all. If you find that only one side of your seat adjusts, that's a good sign that there's a seat flex cable that needs to be replaced. To restore proper power seat operation, better purchase a new OES Genuine Seat Flex Cable and install it on your ride right away.

You'll certainly appreciate the build quality that each cable from OES Genuine has. That's because the manufacturer makes it a point to meet high standards of production to ensure total reliability and superb functionality. Each OES Genuine Seat Flex Cable is made at topnotch facilities and undergoes extensive testing and quality checking to guarantee that only excellent products make it to your vehicle. Every single unit is also manufactured out of the finest materials to help ensure the highest level of durability. This way, you can count on years of service out of the replacement cable. Plus, with OE-style form and specs, installation will always be a breeze and compatibility is always assured.

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