OES Genuine Sealant & Accessories

If your ride's engine block is afflicted with minor leaks, don't hesitate to get hold of an OES Genuine Sealant. While not as effective as replacing affected components entirely, using an engine sealant can remedy any leak-related problems you might have until you're ready to perform major repairs or until you've saved up some funds for fresh replacements for that head gasket that has really blown beyond repair.

It isn't hard to find a reliable engine sealant for those much-needed quick fixes. Since you're out to patch up stock components, what better way to do so than to use a sealant made by a company that knows OE quality inside and out? OES Genuine produces a diverse range of OE-quality components that cover a broad selection of vehicle models, so you can surely count on the OES Genuine Sealant to do its job. Basically, the sealant is mixed with water and poured straight into the radiator after the cooling fluid has been drained. Keep in mind that the fluid has to be disposed of properly as it is extremely harmful to your surroundings. When the engine is at idle, the sealant will circulate through the system. This will allow it to settle onto any leaking and cracked components within the engine. An added benefit of using sealant is that it can also strengthen the sealing power of your engine's intact seals.

Of course, it has to be emphasized that using an OES Genuine Sealant or other similar products is only a temporary fix, and you should replace the faulty components as soon as possible to ensure smooth engine performance. When you decide to get this sealant from OES Genuine, don't forget to check the instructions to avoid harming your engine's components. Don't worry, though-the sealant itself comes with the manufacturer's warranty that's good for 12,000 miles or 12 months. This allows you to have a fallback in case you're not satisfied with the reliability of the sealant or if your item arrived at your doorstep opened or tampered with.

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