OES Genuine Screw & Accessories

Every component in your vehicle would fit snugly into the right place, if it is installed properly and supported by an OES Genuine screw. No matter how small or minor it may seem, this unit literally holds your ride together. It is an indispensable part which can be found anywhere in the vehicle. Available in all shapes and sizes, this specific screw is capable of holding the load of any attachment, thanks to its durable make and design. You can quickly fasten a part on another system or attach two units together by using a high-class screw with the right shape and size.

Did you know that the first ever screw in history was discovered by Archimedes? It was widely used in irrigation systems and was found in the ancient Hanging Gardens of Babylon. The screw is actually considered as a simple machine together with the lever, wheel and axle, pulley, and the inclined plane. Like typical units, this OES Genuine screw is one of the most commonly used mechanical devices in the world. Some people also call this component “bolts” since both units are characterized by having a circular head, a cylindrical-shaped body called shank, and jagged ridges called thread. Both are attached by pushing the shank into the hole, sticking the screwdriver into the head, and turning it clockwise in order to secure the unit. Other units can also be turned to the counterclockwise direction if they are designed as left-hand-threaded screws.

When choosing the right type of unit to purchase, one should consider the size, length, and thickness of both the screw and the component where it will be attached on, as well as the size of the hole drilled on the unit. Screws may be classified based on the shape of the head, the size, and the type of drive it uses. There are various items available within the line of OES Genuine screw products that you can purchase. The most common types include slotted screws which are used for simple joints and phillips screws that are applied on hinges and machines. A lot of the screws found in cars are also called round heads because these look like half-circles when viewed from the side. These may also vary in radius and length, depending on which unit they will be fastened on.

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