OES Genuine ST Synchro Sleeve & Accessories

Doing frequent maintenance checks on your car is pretty easy, but there are some parts and systems that can be hard to access just to have a quick look on its internals. A specific example will be your vehicle's transmission system, which is pretty much crucial since you rely on it all the time to operate your car. It's responsible for converting the power created by your engine and turn it to usable torque and speed. Once an item in here fails, you're in for a big headache or even a costly repair bill. A common problem encountered by car owners will be shifting problems that can emit awful grinding noises. It can be anything from a broken or misaligned gear or synchronizer which must be replaced ASAP with something tough like an OES Genuine ST Synchro Sleeve.

In a vehicle that uses a manual transmission, you'll need to change gears often depending on the speed or power that you need when driving a vehicle. Now all of these are moving at different speeds and once they come in contact with another part when changing gears, they may clash or make that grinding noise. To avoid that, transmission systems use synchronizer components which, as you've guessed, synchronize the speed of these parts when shifting to eliminate that grinding noise and smoothly transition from one gear to another. Should this part fail, then you're looking at shifting problems that may even lead to transmission failure. You'll need to look into the transmission system to know if a part has already worn out, and if it is the synchro sleeve, then you'll need to change it with an OES Genuine ST Synchro Sleeve.

Diagnosing a vehicle's transmission problems can be difficult since even mechanics can have a hard time sorting out the root causes of some shifting issues. Most problems associated with worn out synchronizers will involve gear clash which creates the grinding noises, but other people may also experience shift block-outs which may block the shifter from moving. Should any of these occur, you should head straight to a trustworthy mechanic to have it checked out. Now, they may be the ones in charge of fixing your car, but you can always get the parts yourself and it's best to get items like the OES Genuine ST Synchro Sleeve at a good price from a reputable store just like Parts Train.

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