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No matter what kind of vehicle you're driving, you absolutely need a properly working transmission system in order to drive your car. Whether your ride operates on a manual or automatic transmission, it will hold the same function which is to convert power generated by the engine to provide controlled torque and speed to move the wheels. It is critical that all parts are in working order since a problem in a component like your gear wheels can lead to grinding noises or even failure to change the gears completely. You'll have to have a qualified mechanic inspect the gearbox for any signs of damage and if needed, replace those gears with an OES Genuine ST Gear.

It's very practical for everyone to do regular car maintenance on their own since it saves them time and money from going to an auto repair shop or mechanic. But for a very technical part like your transmission, you'd need some special training like the one received by car mechanics just to understand how to take apart this device. But that shouldn't stop you from learning and understanding how to maintain and repair the other parts in your car. So, if ever you encounter problems in your transmission like difficulty in shifting gears or weird screeching noises, it's best to get it fixed at a trust worthy car repair shop but do recommend them to use high quality replacement items like the OES Genuine ST Gear.

Since a vehicle's transmission system is quite complicated, it can be quite difficult for the average car owner to diagnose a problem. There are a lot of useful websites and video clips on the internet that can help you out, but you should only attempt to do these if you have the proper equipment and technical know how to do so. Should you choose to go with an auto mechanic instead, you do have control on what parts or brands you'll want to use as replacement items should there be any damage in this system. Items like the OES Genuine ST Gear are made tough and durable to ensure a long service life. You just need to coordinate with a trusted mechanic so you get the correct items that will be compatible with your car and of course, get them at a good price from a trusted site like Parts Train.

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