OES Genuine ST Brake Band & Accessories

Your car's transmission system is complicated that you might not have even heard about some of the less popular parts inside it. With a multitude of different items like gears, shafts, and more, it's easy to get confused let alone diagnose a problem when your transmission starts acting up. One of the parts that you need to look at though would be your brake bands that are used to control the gear sets inside the transmission. When you start to notice that your transmission starts to slip often, you might want to have a mechanic take a look at this part and search for a compatible OES Genuine ST Brake Band replacement just in case.

The brake band on your car's transmission is a mechanical device that's usually made of a flat metal band that is looped around a drum or shaft that it is connected to. This round steel band has an underside that is placed with some friction material that allows it to grip the component that it's connected to when it's tightened. Since this is made of steel, common problems will involve rust and corrosion which can be hard to check since you need to access your transmission mechanism. Although it's possible to replace this part should you or your mechanic narrow down a problem to it, transmission problems like these usually need a whole replacement or overhaul anyway to avoid any inconsistencies or recurring problems. What you can do is make sure that you use only top notch replacement items just like the OES Genuine ST Brake Band.

When you experience transmission slips, it may already be a sign that you need to have a mechanic completely overhaul the transmission system. You may opt to replace several parts that appear to be worn out like replacing your bands with an OES Genuine ST Brake Band, but it might just be for prolonging your transmission's life for just a bit more. Consult with a trustworthy auto technician to diagnose this problem for you since it can be pretty expensive to do that overhaul. But if worse comes to worst, then be prepared for hefty bill. However, you can mitigate a few expenses by getting replacement parts at a reputable store like Parts Train.

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