OES Genuine Rocker Arm & Accessories

If you're looking for a dependable replacement rocker arm, an OES Genuine rocker arm is a good bet. This part provides a direct fit for easy installation and is built to perform really well especially during demanding driving conditions. Backed by OES Genuine's years of experience in the automotive industry, this replacement rocker arm is sure to keep your ride's exhaust system running for a longer period of time.

As an important part of your car's internal combustion system, the rocker arm converts radial movement into linear movement so as to open exhaust or intake valves. This component was actually a 19th century invention and since then, it continues to be an integral part of the automobile. Throughout the years, the rocker arm has undergone some changes, mostly on its material composition and design. Today's rocker arm is usually built from stamped steel for maximum durability and reliability, and provides a more efficient performance. Stamped steel is also strong enough to withstand constant movement but won't weigh down the car unlike other metal types. As for cars that use diesel engines, they rely on heavy-duty rocker arms made of carbon steel or cast iron.

However, just like any exhaust component that's made of metal, corrosion is its number one enemy. When rusty patches start to invade the surface of this component, you need to get your hands on an OES Genuine rocker arm right away. Aside from rust, other reasons to get a new rocker arm include a weird popping noise coming from inside the valve cover, along with frequent engine misfiring. To be sure, take a look under the valve cover. If the arm is severely busted, replace it as soon as possible with an OES Genuine rocker arm. The OES Genuine label has been serving the needs of car owners for years and continues to provide only the best products in the market. Each product manufactured is tested for excellent performance even during the toughest driving conditions. With its unparalleled commitment to product durability and customer satisfaction, you're sure to get your money's worth every time you purchase a product under this brand. And because an OES Genuine part offers a direct fit, installing one is easy; you can actually do it on your own as long as you have your car's manual and the proper tools and equipment.

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