OES Genuine Release Bearing & Accessories

For your ride's clutch to work well, it must be equipped with an OES Genuine release bearing. Also known as the throw-out bearing, the clutch release bearing is made up of a ball bearing and a collar packed with a lubricant. These components work hand in hand to minimize friction between the release fork and pressure plate levers. The release bearing slides on a hub sleeve that protrudes from the front of the transaxle or the manual transmission. It is connected to the end of the clutch fork and secured by small spring clips. As the fork moves, the release bearing slides alongside the hub sleeve of the transmission.

Simply put, it is the clutch release bearing that's pressed on the pressure plate to disengage the clutch. Since it directly affects the operation of your ride, it must be replaced with nothing but OES Genuine release bearing the moment it gets damaged. What makes an OES Genuine product an ideal choice? The release bearing from OES Genuine is made up of the finest materials and using advanced manufacturing processes and techniques so it can withstand wear for an extended period, making it last long in service. Also, it is manufactured in such a way that noise and vibration are minimized. There are also clutch release bearings with self-aligning feature, which allows it to control clutch problems caused by misalignment of drivetrain parts.

Since it needs to be lubed at all times, the OES Genuine release bearing comes with a remarkable sealing system which doesn't allow grease to leak out and prevents contaminants from getting in. Sometimes, when the clutch starts to make noise, most drivers assume that it is caused by the release bearing, prompting them to get a replacement right away. But most of the time, they will discover that there's really nothing wrong with it. So before you purchase a replacement OES Genuine release bearing, determine first where the problem originates. The most common cause of clutch bearing failure that creates noise is loose connection between the bearing assembly and the clutch pressure plate diaphragm fingers. The said problem is caused by many factors including torsional vibrations, hardened grease in the bearing, contaminated grease, and misadjustment of the clutch. If this looseness can no longer be corrected, better get a replacement release bearing and a new clutch unit right away.

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