OES Genuine Radius Rod Bushing & Accessories

You may have the best radius rod out there, but a poor-quality bushing can render it useless - be sure you get only a top-quality bushing such as the OES Genuine radius rod bushing. Radius rods are pretty durable parts, and they are reliable components of the suspension assembly. However, they have one weak point - their bushing. Typically made from rubber materials, this bushing is susceptible to the usual wear and tear that affects other rubber components. Over time, the part can weaken until it deteriorates. And when the problem is not addressed immediately, damage on the rod can result. You don't want to be dealing with a huge problem if you can address a smaller one, now do you?

The radius rod is a simple connector between the vehicle axle and the chassis. Its main function is to control wheel movement, keeping it within a specific range in order to be sure that the wheels would not move excessively and cause driving problems. The rod is specifically helpful when braking and accelerating - it is responsible for preventing irregularities such as brake dive and wheel hop. The rod's connecting points are equipped with bushings, and it is usually these bushings that wear first and require more frequent replacement. If you are looking for new bushings, it is advised that you get those that you can rely on to work efficiently for a long time - an OES Genuine radius rod bushing set won't fail you.

Designed to operate well even in the most demanding conditions, the bushings from OES Genuine are very tough. With these in your vehicle, you need not worry about premature failure that may compromise the condition and operation of the radius rod. Each OES Genuine radius rod bushing is also easy to install as long as you have sufficient experience handling automotive tasks. Just be sure you take the old bushing out properly, and that you thoroughly clean the holes in the rod before mounting the new part. Depending on the type of bushing that you get, it may require lubrication or not - check the specifications of the part to determine what you have to do. Once you have the bushing mounted and the entire radius rod secured, remember to perform the necessary maintenance and care that your suspension components need. This is your primary guarantee that the parts will function well for many more years.

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