OES Genuine Radius Rod & Accessories

Excessive wheel movement can be caused by several circumstances, one of which is a damaged radius rod-don't put up with damage and get a new OES Genuine radius rod at once. The radius rod is a component of the suspension system, the system that regulates your car's drivability, handling, and control. The rod is designed as a form of connecting device between the vehicle chassis and the wheels. And as it connects the said components, it also controls the wheel movement-limiting the angle by which the wheels move to control their motion as your car runs. Excessive wheel movement can cause problems in your drive, an example of which would be brake dive. Therefore, this movement has to be properly regulated. And for that, you need a high-quality OES Genuine radius rod.

The radius rod is a pretty durable component, designed to endure all the forces that it encounters while working with the moving wheels. The rod makes use of bushings in the connecting points to the chassis or the wheels, and it is usually these bushings that are the weak points in the said device. They can get damaged after a while or they might lose the lubrication inside them, thus compromising the overall condition and function of the entire radius rod unit. A damaged bushing may be indicated by a knocking noise. When you hear this noise, check the bushing to see whether it's damaged. If you're lucky enough, all you might need is a new bushing and not a complete OES Genuine radius rod.

There are certain instances, however, when the rod encounters too much force that it is unable to handle, and the said part cracks or breaks. When this happens, you might experience some abnormalities in the feel of your drive. Your auto might become wobbly as you drive it, and your handling may also become unstable. Once you notice any of these, inspect the part at once. And if it is damaged, don't risk driving your car without replacing the rod or you might get yourself in danger. Get a new OES Genuine radius rod immediately and restore your vehicle handling and stability, as well as your driving safety.

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