OES Genuine Radiator Drain Plug & Accessories

Having a damaged plug in your system is never a good idea; replace broken units with this OES Genuine radiator drain plug today. Usually located at the bottom of the vehicle, the drain plug is used to drain excess coolant and fluids in your radiator. Damage to this component is often caused by extreme wear on the rubber gasket; once the gasket fails to seal the space between the plug and radiator, the risk of causing leaks from the rad becomes higher. It may also be caused by improper installation, when the plug has been placed too tightly. If this leak happens, the harsh fluid substance may seep through and inflict damage on other engine components. Having a dirty coolant and a bad plug can also cause overheating. Avoid leaks by choosing the right replacement; replace your faulty unit with this OES Genuine radiator drain plug right away.

Checking your ride's heating and cooling systems is crucial especially during the winter and summer seasons, when the automobile will be subject to extreme heat and cold. Draining and refilling one's radiator with a new coolant will extend the life as well as maintain performance of both the radiator and the entire engine system. This process begins by making sure the engine is cooled down. Once it is at the desired temperature, you should disconnect the battery to ensure the fan does not turn on while you are working. Afterwards, you can start the flushing process from the plug, such as this OES Genuine radiator drain plug. Make sure to put a catch pan underneath it so the drained fluid won't spread all over the floor.

Once you have safely removed the plug, the old coolant would surely seep through. Make sure you've got a tightly sealed container to hold this substance; it requires a special manner of disposal since it is volatile and harmful both tp your health and the environment. It is also imperative to ensure that no trace of the old coolant is left before you place the new stock; you should not let the dregs of the old substance mix with the new coolant as it may affect your rad's performance. After the full flushing, check the drain plug before re-attaching it. If you see any signs of wear, have it replaced ASAP with this the OES Genuine radiator drain plug.

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