OES Genuine Pressure Plate & Accessories

Relying on a second-rate, worn-out pressure plate will just lower the level of the performance of your vehicle; that's why you should equip your car's clutch system with an OES Genuine pressure plate. A pressure plate coming from OES is a great way to revamp your ride especially if you want better transmission gear shifting and faster vehicle acceleration. But to be able to appreciate what the pressure plate can really do to your car, you have to know first how the clutch system functions.

The clutch system can be considered as the most vital part of the transmission system. How come? Well, the vehicle won't be able to drive or stop without the clutch. This series of components is the reason why the engine doesn't need to be attached to wheels directly in order to move the whole car. A part of the clutch system is the pressure plate. It is tasked to properly disengage or engage the clutch disc from the flywheel when changing gears, therefore, connecting or disconnecting the clutch system from vehicle's driveshaft. Remember that any vehicle can only rev up at a certain threshold RPM so if the pressure plate fails to detach the clutch from the flywheel when the engine reaches a limit (for instance at first gear), the engine can overheat and get damaged beyond repair. This is the reason why your car needs to have a fully-functioning pressure plate like the OES Genuine pressure plate or else, you'll be putting you and your passengers' safety on the line.

You can't even imagine the dangers a malfunctioning pressure plate can put you into when it suddenly causes your engine to break down while zooming on the freeway. So you have to make sure of the reliability of the pressure plate you are getting. Gladly, you can purchase an OES Genuine pressure plate here at Parts Train-home of hard-wearing, top-performing, and reasonably-priced auto parts.

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