OES Genuine Pitman Arm & Accessories

Get more efficient steering responses from your automobile with the OES Genuine pitman arm. This replacement part will take the place of your irregularly working motion transmitter and restore its function of moving your wheels left or right. That way, seamless steers at high RPMs are guaranteed, as well as your safety when hitting the road. And to ensure that it will complement the steering set up of your vehicle, get the exact match of your vehicle make and model. Doing this also makes its installation fast and easy.

It is very important that the pitman arm of your automobile be replaced at the first sign of irregularity as it is what converts your sector shaft's angular motion into linear. The OES Genuine pitman arm especially made for your automobile make and model is designed to do more than that. Installed, it will not only improve the drivability and handling of your vehicle but also keep your steering gear, links, and ball joint from being exposed to possible damages. These are achieved through the use of high-grade materials in the development of this after-sales part. On top of that, this product is manufactured using improved technology and construction based on standard pitman arms' past failures. That way, it is actually an upgrade component of what you have in your vehicle. Made from well-selected production supplies and processed using standard surpassing technology, you can rest assured that your steering's efficient performance is preserved with the OES Genuine pitman arm.

Installation is another reason you would want this heavy-duty steering link in place of your old, irregular part. Each OES Genuine product is intended for straight replacement and thus, for DIY application. The task is one of those dirty machine jobs that will require a lot of muscles and a number of special tools because your pitman arm is situated in between steering gears and links. And to start off, you are to lift your vehicle at a height that's safe and would give you room to work on your under-the-carriage parts. As these parts are expected to be hardened with road dirt, water, and mud, spraying them with WD-40 helps loosen them up. That way, you can easily remove the parts that secure your old pitman and fix the new OES Genuine pitman arm onto your steering system.

Best restoration result from this replacement project is expected after you correctly installed your new part from the world-class manufacturer of your choice, OES Genuine. You don't have to look for it because we have it right here at Parts Train, your one-stop auto shop online, along with our comprehensive list of automobile spare parts. All our products are reasonably priced and are ready for shipping. Simply post your order on our online purchase forms and we'll get it to you, fast! Next time you hit the road, you will be sporting a more effective steering system with the OES Genuine pitman arm installed. This will definitely make every drive a lot safer.