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Even a tiny crack on the lens can create enough trouble on your driving lights-if you need a replacement right away, the good thing is, you can always turn to an OES Genuine back up light lens. The lens augments the power and range of the driving lights. If there are holes, scratches, or dings in it, it may reduce the lighting output considerably, resulting in dimming or limited lighting that affects driving safety. The cracks will also let in dirt, moisture, and other damaging elements that may ruin the electrical connection and even the bulbs. You wouldn't want to replace the entire lighting assembly, would you? Then fix the broken lens before it's too late.

Going on reverse isn't easy, especially when fitting into tight parking spots or moving within tight spaces. Because of that, you can't afford to have a busted back light, especially when driving at night or in poor road visibility. A back up light comes in handy when giving other motorists a fair warning, so they can slow down, give way, or switch lanes if needed. To protect the back up light, don't hesitate to change a busted lens, especially in the case of a rear-end collision that leaves the lens shattered. You can buy a direct-fit OES Genuine back up light lens for the passenger or driver side of your vehicle's lighting assembly. Just make sure that you have the right lens that fits your vehicle's lighting requirements to the tee.

An OES Genuine back up light lens is definitely a tough shell, made of heavy-duty materials that won't easily crumble into pieces at the slightest contact with flying stone chips and road debris. It comes in a standard color that fits your vehicle's specifications. Like other products in the OES Genuine roster, it is covered by a very reliable warranty. On the off-chance it breaks prematurely or is proven to be of poor quality, you're entitled to a product replacement. As long as you get one for the specific year, make, and model of your vehicle, there's no reason for you to worry about compatibility. OES Genuine ensures premium quality at a lower price, so you know you're making a good investment.

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