OES Genuine PCV Valve & Accessories

A vital part of the exhaust system of your ride is the OES Genuine PCV valve. If you are not familiar with this exhaust system component, what it actually does is to recycle unused fuel and bring it back to engine's combustion chamber. Also, this part also prevents moisture and oil buildup in your car's engine making sure that your engine is well-taken care of. The automotive world has been using the PCV valve for quite some time now, and when we say for quite some time now, we mean way back in the 1920s.

Back in the early 20th century, people actually considered it normal for the engine to drip its oil to the ground and leak exhaust gases. But eventually in the 1920s, the automotive enthusiasts were able to realize that covering up those leaks can actually affect car performance in a good way, not to mention lessen environmental pollution. That's why the PCV valve or the positive ventilation crankcase valve was invented. The PCV valve, like the OES Genuine PCV valve, is made from aluminum or metal and has a large rubber hose that connects to the vacuum port on the intake manifold, throttle body, or the carburetor. As soon as the engine starts, the PCV vacuum begins to draw air towards the PCV's body making sure that the unused fuel and gases (also known as blow-bys), come back to the car's intake manifold, throttle body, or carburetor to be used by the engine.

Because the PCV valve actually takes a lot of beating due to extreme levels of temperature and pressure of the blow-bys coming from the engine, the tendency is for this part to break down easily. That's why car experts and auto-mechanics recommend replacing this part every 30,000 to 50,000 miles. The time of replacement may depend on the kind of vehicle you are driving so make sure to check your car's manual for replacement guidelines. Compared to most auto parts, the PCV valve actually cost less so some actually suggest replacing this part during your vehicle's quarterly maintenance. And where should you purchase a top-caliber OES Genuine PCV valve? Only from a world-renowned retailer-Parts Train.

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