OES Genuine PCV Oil Trap & Accessories

Don't go messing with your car's PCV (positive crankcase ventilation) and let a busted oil trap sit idly until it leads to catastrophe-replace the old, leaky part with an OES Genuine PCV oil trap. If not for the PCV valve and the rest of the crankcase ventilation system, gases may escape, increasing blow-by emissions from the engine. Unburned fuel that's supposed to be recirculated into the engine's intake stream won't be dispelled properly. When blow-by gases aren't monitored, this may botch up the air-fuel mixture needed for smooth ignition and efficient power generation.

Oil helps reduce friction, take away dirt, and soak up excess heat, especially from moving parts. But when this lubricant goes unfiltered and leaks all over the wrong places, expect catastrophic failure around the block. That's why when you've got a bad or clogged oil trap, you should look for an immediate replacement before it starts some unwanted PCV trouble that's harder to deal with. In this case, the best automotive fix is an OES Genuine PCV oil trap since it's made to fit the requirements of a specific vehicle's PCV system. That means it's fairly easy to install with the right tools and DIY instructions. What makes an OES Genuine PCV oil trap a much-better option than other OE replacements is that it's built using heavy-duty materials that can effectively withstand heat and resist wear. It's meant to survive the hostile environment of the crankcase ventilation system where hot gases can easily leave patches and make parts go brittle after a few miles.

OES Genuine is among the leading manufacturers of auto parts and accessories that are widely sold on the market nowadays. Over the years, its product lineup has expanded to include most product categories, proving its expertise in the field. It has high-tech manufacturing facilities that allow it to build products that offer the same performance, quality, and durability as factory-installed parts, if not better. An OES Genuine PCV oil trap is just one of its many top-caliber parts that provide the most practical automotive solutions at the most reasonable cost, an absolute advantage over what the dealership has to offer.

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