OES Genuine PCV Hose & Accessories

If the hose of your car's PCV is in dire need of replacement, better get an OES Genuine PCV hose as soon as possible. A fault PCV hose can cause more serious car trouble, which could cost you more in the future. So if you want to prevent further damage on your car and on your wallet, replace that busted PCV hose now.

The PCV hose is a very important part of your car's PCV, which stands for Positive Crankcase Ventilation. This emissions control system has several important tasks, one of which is to absorb gases that have escaped from the combustion chamber. These unburned gases can pollute the air so they should always be kept in check. For this system to work, the PCV needs a durable hose that can transport these gases back into the manifold, and finally back into the combustion chamber. With a fully functional PCV hose, your car's emission control system is able to effectively “catch” runaway gases and prevent them from escaping. If this hose cracks, breaks, or gets clogged, excess air can get into the combustion chamber, and upset the air-fuel mixture. To make sure only runaway gases are transported back into the chamber through the PCV hose, regularly check this component for signs of damage or wear and tear. It's made of durable materials but over time, exposure to pressure and heat can take a toll. When this happens, an OES Genuine PCV hose is the perfect replacement that'll get your car's emission system up and running.

With the help of a PCV hose, your car's PCV system is able to prevent moisture from accumulating inside the engine. And because a moisture-free engine means a sludge-free motor oil, the PCV system is actually hitting two birds with one stone. Now if the oil is free of sludge, the engine gets to run with cleaner oil, which is good since any form contaminant can lessen its lubricating ability. However, in order for the PCV system to achieve all these, the hose has to be always in good condition. Any slight crack or sign of damage can definitely make it less effective. Fortunately, there's a brand you can always trust when it comes to replacement PCV hoses and other car parts and accessories. With OES Genuine, you know you and your car are in good hands. This brand has been in the automotive industry for years, and has proven itself as one of the most dependable brands. Aside from the number of customers that continue to patronize this brand, a proof of OES Genuine's commitment to quality is the rigorous standards it uses when testing each product at its high-tech manufacturing facility. So if you want a replacement PCV hose you can rely on, an OES Genuine PCV hose is your best bet.

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