OES Genuine Oxygen Sensor & Accessories

The OES Genuine oxygen sensor is bound to restore the O2 detection function of your original but gone-bad device and thus, will bring back the total performance of the engine system. Neglecting the need to do this will keep your engine guessing as to the actual amount of oxygen present in the valvetrain, allowing it to continue or alter the fuel to air ratio in accordance to the available information. It is the type of electronic control unit (ECU) used in engine systems to measure oxygen, as well as makes emission control and electronic fuel injection (EFI) possible in automobiles. With its visible location on the exhaust system, it can accurately do its task and send correct details to the engine computer. Combined with other emission control sensors and ECUs, the OES Genuine oxygen sensor will not only aid in improving the efficiency rating of the engine but also the fuel economy of the vehicle.

One of the numerous ECUs used and monitored by the engine computer unit, your oxygen sensor will serve the purpose of sending signals to this computer, which in turn, actuates the alteration of the fuel- air mixture when necessary or triggers a diagnostic trouble code on older automobile models. Electronic device that it is, this sensor will need a replacement which can easily be determined by following the recommended service life stated in the vehicle manual. Even the replacement OES Genuine oxygen sensor, though known to be durable, will also have a recommended service life noted on the manuals packed with it.

The OES Genuine oxygen sensor is generally manufactured using high grade zirconia ceramic, thin layers of platinum, and other electrochemical materials. It comes in thimble shape and either in heated or unheated form, depending on the targeted automobile model it will be used as replacement to. Coming as a complete set, including the connecting cable, it can be installed in place of the old part faster and easier. In fact, OES Genuine after-sales products are basically designed for DIY applications so every auto owner and fleet manager can benefit from personally maintaining their vehicles and saving the big chunk of the budget that usually goes to professional help. The task will be an easy remove-and-replace process that will be made even more accurate with the use of the installation guide coming with it.

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