OES Genuine Output Shaft Seal & Accessories

If you suspect your vehicle is leaking transmission fluid from the output shaft, check it right away-you may have to get a new OES Genuine output shaft seal to fix it. You can detect a leaky seal if you see puddles of lubricant collecting in the driveway, garage, etc. or if you need to replenish the fluid more than twice a year. A leaking output shaft is not something that can be brushed aside. The seal is in place to keep the transmission fluid or gear oil from leaking out, and neglecting a defective seal could deplete the lubricant and the resulting buildup of friction could potentially damage other parts. But before you can replace it, you need to determine which output shaft seal is broken. Different types of vehicle have different numbers of output shafts. Front-wheel drive vehicles have one, rear-wheel drives have two, while four-wheel drives have three. Once you've located the leak, it's time to install the replacement part. IT will greatly benefit you if you install a high-quality replacement unit like the OES Genuine output shaft seal.

Don't place your trust in cheap, knock-off, or non-OE spec parts because you can't be sure of their quality and fit. This is especially important in parts that rely on exact fit or act as stoppers, such as seals, gaskets, and O-rings. The OES Genuine output shaft seal strictly follows OE specs, so you can be sure that it will have a snug fit on your vehicle's output shaft, providing excellent protection against lubricant leaks. This seal is made of durable materials, allowing it to withstand extreme conditions such as heat, exposure to engine chemicals, and other stresses your vehicle may subject it to. The superior quality and design gives it performance that meets or even exceeds the factory part, while still being priced significantly lower.

If you want the best auto parts and accessories for your vehicle without spending tons of cash, then OES Genuine is the right brand for you. They're one of the most recognized names in the replacement auto parts industry today, with one of the widest product ranges. They make just about any part for just about any make and model of vehicle. Their products are manufactured to follow OE standards, delivering performance that meets or even surpasses the original part. With their more affordable prices, you're sure to save on money while still getting top-notch quality on parts such as the OES Genuine output shaft seal.

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