OES Genuine Oil Separator & Accessories

You'll need the OES Genuine oil separator if you want to protect your engine system from oil blow-by especially at high RPMs. This branded positive crankcase ventilation (PCV) system comprising part offers performance at higher pressure. It also features serviceable and re-useable element that comes with durable hose barb fittings. Fixing this part in your automobile may require removal of the entire engine assembly if yours sports an automatic transmission system. If you have a manual transmission, you can get this replacement unit installed without taking off your engine. You only need to remove the left part of your intake manifold and remove the old oil separator. Clean that area before mounting the new OES Genuine oil separator. For best result, use the manufacturer's install guide that's packed with the unit.

An oil separator is an important part of your PCV and protection device to your high performance engine. It works to separate air/oil mist from being pressured back to the intake stream of the engine and getting sucked and combusted. This can cause increased detonation in the engine and its inner surfaces being coated with a thin layer of oil. Turns out, the engine will have lower efficiency rating and tendencies of overheating will significantly increase. It goes even worst for turbo charged engines where the intercooler will be coated with this thin layer of blow-by oil, disabling its heat transfer capabilities. The OES Genuine oil separator will guarantee that none of these problems will happen when it gets installed in your engine system.

But where does this oil blow-by come from? It is oil mist that moves up from the sump when the combustion gases leaks past the piston rings of the engine and goes down the sump, pressurizing the draining oil a bit. This happens all the time on all automobile engines so the only protection for your system is maintaining the separator at its top condition. Generally, this part comes in a serviceable construction. Over time, though, it can get all worn up and a replacement will be necessary. For best restoration results, trust only OES Genuine oil separator replacement units. The brand offers a wide array of direct replacements so you can surely get an exact match for your automobile.

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