OES Genuine Oil Pump Gasket & Accessories

The OES Genuine oil pump gasket will stop leaks in your oiling system once installed. It is an after-sale unit that is intended for direct replacement of your old, blown pump seal. Fitted correctly in between your pump and its housing, this new seal restores the leak-free structure that these oil cooling components creates. It will also ensure that these parts are securely fastened on the sump to do their significant function of hoarding oil from the tank and sending it into every bearing, piston, and camshaft of the engine. That way, proper circulation of oil in the system is restored and tendencies overheating are eliminated.

Installing the new OES Genuine oil pump gasket is going to be easy, especially if you have already tried and succeeded changing the oil of your vehicle. This part is found inside the sump, in between the oil intake and the pressure filters and separated by oil lines. You have to remove and disconnect these parts to get to your pump's gasket. But because the sump serves as a reservoir to used oil in your engine system, you'll also need to bleed oil out of it through its drain plug. Do this just as if you are changing the oil in your system. Use a clean bucket for this oil evacuation task, especially if you wish to reuse the oil. When you are done, start removing the mounts that hold the sump in place. Next, disconnect the lines going to and from the pump, the pump from its housing, and finally, the worn gasket.

After cleaning the mount, install the new OES Genuine oil pump gasket on it. This may require the use of extra-strength adhesive to secure it in place. See to it that you follow the recommended curing time stated on the label of the adhesive before you bolt the pump back to it. It is also empirical that you use the proper torque to tighten the bolts that will secure the pump to its housing. Over tightening can cause your new gasket distortion that will lead to its early damage. When satisfied with the replacement, connect the lines back to their mounts, the intake filter, and the cleaned sump. Replenish or pour the old oil back and check for significant leaks on the area where the new OES Genuine oil pump gasket is.

Remember that your automobile has its own requirements when it comes to its replaceable parts, even with this oil pump gasket, so you have to be very careful in choosing your replacement. That's not a problem, though. OES Genuine caters to every automobile make and model's production requirements. Their products are not difficult to find in the market. In fact, you don't have to leave this page. We have the part you are currently looking for and we offer it at reasonable price. All you have to do is complete the order form for the perfect OES Genuine oil pump gasket to your make and we'll do the rest.