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The overdrive solenoid is a vital part of your tranny, so if its O-ring is showing signs of weakening, you must immediately replace it with an OES Genuine O.D. Solenoid O-Ring. As you know, O-rings are extremely important in your vehicle's transmission as they completely seal the system and prevent leaks. The problem is that O-rings harden over time due to wear and age. Once an O-ring gets hard and brittle, it can no longer effectively seal mating surfaces. Another thing you should remember is never to use an O-ring once it's taken out of its original position because it would lose its sealing properties. The best way to seal your tranny is to replace all old O-rings with new ones, which have all their sealing properties intact.

The overdrive solenoid or OD solenoid rarely malfunctions but it can cause a lot of trouble the moment it fails. In many vehicles, the O.D. solenoid comes in the form of a cylindrical component that sticks out the side of the overdrive and can either be on the driver or passenger side. There are many possible causes of OD solenoid failure and one of them is a bad O-ring. If you find it difficult to shift into gear and you hear grinding noises from your transmission, it's time to take a closer look at your overdrive assembly. Examine the O-ring and if you see any kind of damage, such as tiny cracks or openings, remove the busted O-ring and replace it with a new one. There are many run-of-the-mill replacement O-rings out there but these will only fail much sooner than you think since these are made of very poor materials. To get the best results, use a high-quality OES Genuine O.D. Solenoid O-Ring in your vehicle.

The difference between an OES Genuine O.D. Solenoid O-Ring and an average replacement seal is that it's made of highly durable materials that will last years without diminishing in strength. Advanced cutting machines and computerized technologies are used in its manufacturing, so its construction and dimensions are precise. It is adequately tested and conforms to all applicable industry standards, ensuring its safety and reliability. You shouldn't have any problem putting this O-ring in place if you've done plenty of DIY auto troubleshooting and maintenance projects before. Once installed, your overdrive will work more smoothly than ever.

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