OES Genuine Oil Pump & Accessories

The OES Genuine oil pump is designed to improve the lubrication process in an automobile engine system, making it the best option of replacement when the factory or original equipment (OE) fails. It will work to improve the circulation of motor oil going in and out of the valvetrain, cooling rotating bearings, the continuously sliding pistons, and even the engine camshaft. The replacement device will also ensure that enough supply of cooling oil is in the system and there is consistent pressure in the lines to actuate the circulation of the lubricating fluid. This way, all engine working parts will be kept from overheating, which will not only affect their performances but their recommended service lives as well. And since all of these components comprise the engine, the OES Genuine oil pump therefore aids in cooling the powerhouse and prolonging its service life.

Restoring the original functions of an oil pump requires an exact match of OES Genuine oil pump replacement. Generally, the original pump may be mechanical or electrical in construction. It is this classification that determines which model of pump from the brand should be acquired and fitted in place of the gone bad device. Usually, mechanical types are used on older automobiles. This pump is directly driven by the engine's crankshaft geartrains. Newer and more modern automobiles are expected to have electronic control units and devices, and this pump is among them. Some automobiles, especially those with turbo or supercharged engines, have auxiliary pumps that continue to cool the engine bearings long after the powerhouse is turned off.

OES Genuine oil pump products are categorized according to make and model to guarantee compatibility and ease of installation. This way, every auto owner or fleet manager can look for an exact replacement and opt to DIY which is the easiest way to save sizeable chunk of the maintenance money. Getting the new pump into the system will be easy; and though different automobiles have unique layout to boot, this pump will usually be in between the pressure and oil intake filters, and are inside the sump. With this, it can be located faster and will only require clearing a few parts to give room for its removal. This is probably the difficult part of the task and when done, you're off for the easier part: mounting the new device. For best result, use and follow the installation manual from OES Genuine.

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