OES Genuine Oil Pan Gasket & Accessories

Although it is designed to last the life of your vehicle, the gasket of your oil pan does wear out, leaving you in need of a high-quality replacement like the OES Genuine oil pan gasket. When not in use, engine oil is stored in the oil pan, which is also called engine sump. To prevent such precious fluid from leaking off the pan, an oil pan gasket is used. The said gasket is found between the engine and the oil pan because it is in the gap between two mating surfaces where air, pressure, or fluid passes through to find its way out.

Much like other automotive gaskets, the one used in the oil pan is usually composed of either rubber or cork. At present, many vehicle gaskets are made up of a chemical compound. No matter what kind of gasket it is that you need for your ride, there's an OES Genuine oil pan gasket for you. So when your oil pan starts to leak, the gasket from OES Genuine must be your first choice. This automotive component must be replaced right away the moment it goes bad or if it has stripped threads. Gaskets are also in need of replacement if they already have rounded off heads, which are usually caused by over tightening or making use of incorrect tools when removing it. In some cases, you'll need a new drain plug along with your replacement gasket.

Sometimes, you may think you need a new oil pan, when what's needed is just a replacement gasket. So better troubleshoot the problem first and if the oil pan doesn't have apparent damage, get first an OES Genuine oil pan gasket and have your stock replaced. Though the job is challenging, you need not pay a lot for the mechanic's services just to get the job done. All you need are correct tools like jack stands, drain pan, floor jack, socket wrench, torque wrench, and funnel. To start off, raise your ride and support both sides with jack stands. Put the drain pan under the oil drain plug and take the plug off to completely drain the engine oil. Loosen the bolts that are used to mount the oil pan and detach the old gasket. Clean the area thoroughly before putting in the new OES Genuine oil pan gasket. Put the oil pan back to its proper location and tighten the bolts to make sure the pan is secured in its place before you remove the jack. These bolts must be tightened according to the specified torque level. Replace the drain plug and lower the vehicle. Put back the oil or refill the pan with new oil.

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