OES Genuine Oil Filter & Accessories

That busted oil filter is a disaster waiting to happen-if you want to save the engine from massive damage, replace it with an OES Genuine oil filter for outstanding oil filtration that you can count on for years to come. You simply can't afford to have a bad air filter. Why? Because it's only a matter of time before this creates trouble to other engine parts. As you know, the filter screens out dirt from oil used to lubricate many engine components to minimize friction. Oil is also used to soak up some excess heat, keeping the engine cool. When the filter does a pretty lame job at keeping oil clean, this lubricant can become abrasive. The unfiltered elements can damage other parts and even lead to their corrosion.

Over time, the oil filter may get clogged, leading to an open bypass valve. When it comes to that, unfiltered oil will circulate around the block, causing trouble to many engine components. The busted oil filter may burst and may not be able to handle the ranging temperatures and intense pressure in the engine chamber. This will result in awful leaks, as oil may flow back to the pan or spread all over the wrong places. Experts say that you should replace the oil filter after every 3,000 to 6,000 miles. For preventive maintenance or repair, an OES Genuine oil filter can make a perfect replacement because of its heavy-duty construction, excellent filtration rates, and high flow. It traps almost all harmful elements to prevent oil contamination and ensure proper lubrication of parts.

If you're an avid aftermarket parts buyer, you've probably heard about OES Genuine since it's one of the popular brands today. If not, then what you need to know is that it guarantees premium quality by using the most advanced engineering methods and manufacturing technologies. It focuses on details, making sure that its products have the same specifications as stock parts and can meet the high standards for OEM quality. That's why when you choose an OES Genuine oil filter, you're sure to have a direct-fit replacement that's bound to last. OES Genuine offers an industry-leading product warranty to back up its claim for excellent quality.

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