OES Genuine Oil Filler Cap Gasket & Accessories

Oil leaks are so common in vehicles, and one area in which they occur is the oil filler cap-prevent this problem by equipping your cap with an OES Genuine oil filler cap gasket. The oil filler cap is simply that, a cap. It is the covering that secures the oil in the engine, the main access point every time you need to fill up on oil or check the oil level in your ride. When you are doing an oil flush and refill, you take this cap off to make oil draining easy. Such a simple function, but it is very important in securing the oil, ensuring that the engine is properly lubricated at all times and that the oil circulating around the engine parts is free from contaminants.

The OES Genuine oil filler cap gasket is an important partner of the cap. It is this part which tightly seals the cap to the filler so that the connection would be airtight and watertight whenever the cap is closed. Loose connection is one cause of oil leakage in the cap, and leaking oil is a big no-no in the engine. Aside from oil wastage, which means more expense, too big a leak could also result in loss of engine lubrication. This doesn't happen often, but you still need to be sure of your engine's safety-this is one thing in which you can't take chances. When the engine loses sufficient lubrication, a wide range of problems could happen. Therefore, it only makes sense to keep the cap tightly sealed with the help of an OES Genuine oil filler cap gasket.

This gasket is very simple to mount and put in place, so installation will never be a problem. Once it is mounted, all you need to do is to check it from time to time to monitor its condition. Being made from rubber materials, the gasket wears over time like all other rubber components in your ride. It can harden and dry out after a while, and this is usually followed by cracking, which then leads to leakage when unnoticed. The good thing about this is the fact that leaks on the filler cap are not always major, so chances are you'll be able to address the problem before any serious trouble arises. And when it's time for you to get a new gasket, trust no less than an OES Genuine oil filler cap gasket.

High in quality, this gasket from OES Genuine is designed to last longer than many other gaskets in the market. It boasts of a longer service life, and a perfect fit that will complement your oil filler cap. You can find a complete selection in our catalog at Parts Train, and you can shop fast with our Part Finder. If you have questions, you can call our hotline number for free, or you can talk to our agents via live chat. So don't wait any longer-get a new OES Genuine oil filler cap gasket right here and keep your engine oil intact.