OES Genuine Oil Dipstick & Accessories

Checking your oil level is made easy with the innovatively designed OES Genuine oil dipstick. It is a long rod with generally orange handle, making it easier to find and use into the engine. This branded replacement to your old, already unreadable dipstick will have the critical points marking on one of its ends. There will be two markings or holes on it. The lowest mark indicates when it is time for you to replenish oil and the next mark implies that you have reached the maximum level of oil necessary for an automobile. Your dipstick is kept under the hood, near the engine, and it is not mounted. That is basically where your new OES Genuine oil dipstick will be placed so you can easily get it when checking the oil level of your vehicle.

The best result of an oil check does not rely on the dipstick, though; it is in how the inspection is done. Some auto owners and drivers will simply stab their oil checking rod into the engine and just make sure the level is between the two markings. The correct way to do this is to let the oil settle down first if you are checking after hitting the road. Make sure you are parked on a level ground, too, so as to get the most accurate oil level reading of your vehicle. Insert the new OES Genuine oil dipstick down the engine's hole for oil after wiping it clean until you feel it reaches the bottom of the sump. Then gradually pull it upwards without turning it up to look where the oil level is at on the indicators. Doing this will allow the oil run down and thus gives you inaccurate level reading.

Once the oil level is below the lowest marking on your dipstick, you need to replenish. You can choose to change oil before doing so. This will ensure cleaner and more effective oiling in the engine system of your automobile. If the oil level is in between the markings, you are in sage ground but you can also add some until it reaches the maximum level. But if the oil level on your new OES Genuine oil dipstick reaches the top marking, there's no need to replenish. You actually have the maximum amount of oil to cool the working parts of your engine system.

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