OES Genuine Oil Cooler Seal & Accessories

If you suspect that your car's oil cooler is defective, then better check it right away to find out if you need to buy a brand new OES Genuine oil cooler seal to replace your old and faulty one. The oil cooler seal is a gasket type component that's attached to your car's oil cooler-a mini radiator that regulates the temperature of the oil inside your system. The number of oil cooler seals inside a vehicle will depend on a car's age and model. For instance, in older car models, you'll find that the seals are placed separately. On the other hand, newer car models have only one integral seal that does the function of three seals put together. Having faulty seal in your oil cooler assembly can cause you a lot of problems while you drive. For instance, your engine may overheat if the oil is not properly cooled down. Overheating is a glitch that all drivers want to avoid because it can lead to bigger and costlier problems that are way harder to fix. Another problem that you may encounter is low oil pressure. This defect is also a pain because it can lead to other car hitches like stalling and rough idling.

Though your car's stock oil cooler seal is manufactured using of the most durable rubber materials, it remains vulnerable to damage and wearing out after years of continued usage. In order to determine if you need to get a brand spanking new OES Genuine oil cooler seal for your ride, you can do a physical checkup of your car's current seal, watching out for chips and other forms of defects in your component. There are also several symptoms that you can watch out for just like having weird coolant texture and consistency, a failing head gasket, and leaving drops of oil whenever you park or idle.

To prevent your car's oil cooler seal from getting damaged, make sure that it remains properly lubricated at all times. However, when you find that your part is really damaged, you have to address the problem early on before it gets out of hand. Minor glitches can be solved by quick fixes, but if the damage is already severe, you have to get a replacement part right away to be able to maintain your ride's optimum performance. In this kind of situation, be sure to trust the very reliable OES Genuine oil cooler seal. You'll never regret buying an OES Genuine product because the brand is simply one of the best in the industry today.

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