OES Genuine Muffler Heatshield & Accessories

Nowadays, the use of shields isn't only relegated to ancient knight, fictional superheroes, or riot police; even your vehicle could make use of a shield-an OES Genuine muffler heatshield, to be exact. Your ride's exhaust system is composed of numerous components that transport and clean your vehicle's exhaust gases. Keeping this system well-taken care of is a great way of ensuring that it does its job properly and keeps hazardous gases from harming your engine, your health, and the environment. However, making sure that this system's parts are functioning accordingly is only half the battle; the other half is seeing to it that their temperatures don't affect the other vehicle parts. Your engine and exhaust system produce a tremendous amount of heat while you drive and that heat mustn't disrupt how your other components operate. To help you prevent exhaust heat from damaging other auto parts, you'll need an OES Genuine muffler heatshield.

A muffler heat shield is a metal shield that is bolted onto the vehicle's chassis between the muffler and fuel tank and it serves as an insulator. The muffler heat shield prevents the heat that's emitted by the exhaust system from reaching the fuel tank and, in some cases, is used to protect brake, electrical, or suspension systems. In addition to that, an effective muffler heat shield may also help in keeping your cabin comfortable and reducing the noise generated from the transmission. Heat shields must have three physical properties in order to be effective-reflectivity, emissivity, and conductivity-and work by reflecting heat away or back towards the exhaust system. A muffler heat shield is primarily a safety feature and is very sturdy; however, it may eventually corrode or begin to rattle against the muffler, in which case an OES Genuine muffler heatshield should be sent into action. Replacing your faulty muffler heat shield using a new and super-sturdy OES Genuine muffler heatshield is a great way of keeping your vehicle running smoothly without a single setback.

Items provided by OES Genuine are not your run-of-the-mill auto products and always come in the highest quality. OES Genuine has been around for years and uses only the most reliable materials to construct its components. To add to that, products from this well-reputed brand are made to fit seamlessly into your vehicle, making for some pretty hassle-free installation.

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