OES Genuine Muffler & Accessories

Because of environmental regulations, the automotive industry is becoming more aware of what an A-class OES Genuine muffler can do. The muffler, a vital component of a car's exhaust system, is responsible for lessening or muffling the sounds that come out of a vehicle's engine. Today, mufflers can be customized so that they can help increase a car's top speed and the amount of exhaust fumes that is coming out of its tailpipe.

If you know how your engine works, you'll definitely be able to appreciate what an OES Genuine muffler can do to your ride. The engine is spontaneously combusting fuel, and one of its by-products is noise. Noise doesn't only come from the explosions when fuel burns. The rapid opening and closing of the intake and exhaust valves also add to the irritating sounds produced by your car's motor. Mufflers, such as the OES Genuine muffler, are designed so that the sound coming from the engine will merely become hums. Mufflers bounce soundwaves back and forth then against themselves inside the muffler's resonant chambers, thus, cancelling each other out (known as destructive interference) so that these sounds come out of the tailpipe “silenced”.

Compared to other parts of your car, the mufflers don't need much maintaining, and they are so durable that some car manufacturers even guarantee that they will last the service life the vehicles they produce. But with the many elements that punish those parts found outside and under your car, the muffler will show signs that it's deteriorating. A significant increase in loudness of noise coming from behind your ride is the most common sign of a failing muffler. Another is increase in exhaust fumes and increase in gas consumption. That's why it is important to have your muffler checked at least every three months. If your auto-technician says that you need to turn your muffler in, drop by Parts Train and we'll have an OES Genuine muffler waiting for you.

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