OES Genuine Mirror Knob & Accessories

If you want to maneuver through traffic safely, you better have some sturdy side mirrors that are positioned perfectly using an OES Genuine mirror knob. The typical vehicle comes with a rear view mirror and two side mirrors which provide the driver with a clear sight of what's behind the vehicle. As the name implies, the rear view mirror helps you to see people and vehicles directly behind your ride, and is very important when moving forward or when backing up. The side mirrors, on the other hand, allow you to see where other vehicles are in relation to your automobile. Before making a turn or changing lanes, one must habitually check the side mirrors to see if there is another vehicle in the area, which is a great way of preventing road accidents. Having complete mirrors, while important, is not as vital as having them in the proper position, something that can easily be achieved using a high-quality OES Genuine mirror knob.

Side mirror positioning is key when it comes to driving through the streets without any accidents. If the passenger side mirror is positioned too far out towards the right, you'll be able to see the vehicles two road lanes to your right, but you won't be able to gauge how far away those vehicles are from you. If your driver's side mirror, on the other hand, is positioned pointed to closely towards the right, all you'll be able to see are your own vehicle's doors and body; not the other vehicles. This can be rather troublesome, but with a sturdy OES Genuine mirror knob, mirror placement won't become a concern. With a mirror knob like this, you'll be able to adjust your mirror appropriately, to the point where you'll be able to see the side of your vehicle only on the inner edge of your mirror. This way, you'll be able to see vehicles approaching you from behind in the other lanes, and to gauge how distant they are in relation to your vehicle. Eventually, your stock mirror knob may break due to moisture or wear and tear and you must have it replaced immediately using some brand new OES Genuine mirror knob.

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