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The MAS control unit is a little box with a huge role in the proper operation of your vehicle, so when it fails, you need to invest in a high-quality replacement part like an OES Genuine MAS Control Unit. You can't settle for anything less because the unit is in charge of regulating both the fuel pump and your AC compressor. It's a vital part of a system that ensures your vehicle runs at adequate amounts of fuel and air at all times. Any type of damage or instance of malfunction in your existing control unit must be closely inspected immediately. If the part is indeed busted, you must remove it right away and install an all-new replacement part to prevent further damage to your vehicle.

Without a well-functioning MAS control unit, the mass air sensor wouldn't be able to transmit essential information regarding the state of your fuel injection system. This will result in a number of performance problems, for instance, difficulty in starting the vehicle. Diagnosis can also be tricky since some drivers aren't familiar with the MAS control unit and what exactly it does. In many vehicles though, the component is used as a substitute for the fuel pump relay, so performance problems that are attributable to a bad pump relay may also be caused by a defective MAS control unit. The device is also very important to the proper operation of your AC compressor since it turns it on and off depending on the pressure in the system. Your AC may not produce cool air once the unit goes bad. The pressure could also gradually accumulate in the system, damaging several parts and even threatening to blow it up. To avoid all these problems that would likely result in expensive auto repair bills, use a new OES Genuine MAS Control Unit as soon as possible.

If you only want the best for your precious ride, an OES Genuine MAS Control Unit is the perfect replacement part for you. It's fabricated from highly durable materials that would resist the incredible pressures in your vehicle for a very long time. Computer-aided technologies are used in its manufacturing to ensure the part meets or exceeds all industry standards on performance, precision and safety. You won't have a problem installing the unit as long as you have adequate DIY background and you review your vehicle's manual.

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