OES Genuine Mirror & Accessories

Your travels will not be really safe if your ride isn't equipped with reliable mirrors such as the OES Genuine mirror. Undoubtedly, almost all of us rely on our side and rear view mirrors when doing two important driving actions - backing up and changing lanes on the highway. If one of these mirrors is broken or missing, you won't clearly see what's happening in the area covered by that particular mirror. To ensure road safety, have your broken or lost mirror replaced before you drive your car off the garage. It is also wise to make sure your side and rearview mirrors are positioned well to provide you with a clear view of the road.

One of the benefits of using an OES Genuine mirror in your ride is, it can be aligned easily and correctly along with other mirrors in such a way that you clearly see a vehicle leaving your rearview mirror seamlessly transferring to one of the side view mirrors. Don't forget that thousands of road mishaps that happen each year are caused by the driver's inability to see other vehicles that are changing lanes. So aside from installing reliable mirrors, it is also important that you use them diligently. Also, if the inevitable happens and your OES Genuine mirror has been lightly scratched, try buffing it out first before deciding to have it replaced. You can do that by cleaning the mirror surface using a glass cleaner and a clean towel. In the absence of the glass cleaner, you can utilize a mixture of water and ammonia. Apply a small amount of whitening toothpaste or jewelers rouge on the scratched area and buff it lightly. Clean the surface to find out if the scratches are gone. If they aren't, repeat the process for up to two times. Take note that deep scratches will not be removed through this process.

If replacement seems necessary, don't settle for anything less than OES Genuine mirror. It is usually made to fit in place of your stock so installation will never be a problem. Just make sure that you have the right tools and detailed instructions that will guide you in doing the right thing. If you are concerned on the looks of your ride, you can choose a mirror that matches your ride and your personality. OES Genuine mirrors come in many different shapes and colors to prove that you can use OES replacement parts without going out of style.

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