OES Genuine MAP Sensor & Accessories

Even with a faulty MAP sensor, you can still fire up the engine and drive your vehicle, but don't expect a smooth, uneventful ride-if the engine computer isn't getting the right manifold absolute pressure signals, then switch to an OES Genuine MAP sensor for improved engine performance. Along with other sensors, the MAP sensor helps the engine adjust to different driving conditions. Its job is to keep track of the engine load or intake manifold pressure and take note of the changes, sending voltage signals to the engine computer. The measured engine load is crucial to perfect ignition timing, whether ignition needs to be advanced or delayed. The information is also used to determine air density as well as air mass flow rate. This helps maintain an ideal air-fuel mixture so that your vehicle can run without a hitch.

A bad MAP sensor can cause a lot of trouble. Because of missing or inaccurate MAP signals, the engine may run lean or rich. This may be accompanied by that unmistakable smell of gas and random or constant pinging. Brace yourself for rough idling and engine hesitation. The engine may seize up if you don't step hard enough on the gas when idling. Fuel efficiency will also drop. You know you've got a bad MAP sensor when the “Check Engine Light” comes on and you get a fault code from it. But before you pull the plug on the MAP sensor, rule out other possibilities for inaccurate sensor readings. Maybe the vacuum hose connecting the MAP sensor to the manifold is already clogged or loose. An unusually low intake vacuum can also be blamed on a leaking PCV hose, an open EGR valve, or vacuum leaks. Once you're absolutely sure that the sensor is the one at fault, do your engine a favor-install a high-quality OES Genuine MAP sensor that's been calibrated for great results.

Are you going to entrust your car's performance to run-of-the-mill stock replacements? You'd better not! OES Genuine is here to offer superior-quality automotive products on the market. Employing tried-and-tested engineering methods and manufacturing techniques, it's one of the most reliable sources of top-of-the-line aftermarket options at a very reasonable cost. An OES Genuine MAP sensor is built to satisfy the performance needs of your engine and make a perfect fit. Configuration is no trouble at all since it's designed to have the same OE specifications. Look for an OES Genuine MAP sensor that's compatible with the make, model, and year of your vehicle.

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